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Metropolitan Wireless International: The rising importance of telematics for fleets

Increasing driver safety and productivity are often the reasons why a lot of businesses today implement telematics, while other companies consider this technology as a competitive advantage. A review from MWI Consultants in Singapore shows that reducing fuel costs, inflicting policies and modifying driver behavior are some of the major benefits of telematics technology.


Nowadays, there is an ostensibly vast different application for telematics wherein there is a constant change in ways of using location-based information. With this, the world is indeed becoming more connected every day. Many of today's fleets prefer the use of fleet management software (a branch of telematics) to coordinate the hundreds or thousands of vehicles they handle.


With the info mentioned above, it is evident that telematics for fleets holds great importance and has a strong impact on fleet effectiveness. Some of its advantages include right-sizing your fleet, optimal replacement planning, reducing downtime, and fraud prevention. Fleet managers can determine underutilized units more accurately with telematics, and assess the utilization patterns of each asset.


In order to improve the fleet managers' vehicle life cycle planning and lower the fleet's overall costs, telematics provides a complete picture of odometer reporting, fleet maintenance issues, driving habits and vehicle utilization patterns. Telematics can also help you avoid any serious vehicle problems that may cause large costs and downtime since this technology can alert you beforehand about incoming vehicle maintenance events. Telematics can aid fleet managers to take proactive action on particular activities regarding determining extended downtime events, calculating the overall cost of employee productivity and other related costs.


It is crucial for every business owners to prevent any types of fraud. With telematics, you can avoid any scheme related to fraud since this technology could verify when jobs are reported as completed but drivers were never at the specific location, or when fuel purchases don't coincide with the location or vehicle.


MWI Singapore offers a telematics related solution to their clients known as the TelematicsHUB. It is an end-to-end solution for optimizing the efficiency of vehicle transportation on roads. It delivers functions and features not only to fleet management companies but to individual vehicle owners as well. Several reviews prove that this solution can enhance the efficiency of vehicles and improve driving experience.


Since 2009, Metropolitan Wireless International Consultants has been designing and creating innovative solutions for the mobile wireless communication and control systems. Their high-end quality, best choice mobile, and wireless solutions have been providing great convenience to their clients for several years now.


Metropolitan Wireless International: Mobile Solutions in Modern Times

We currently live in a world where almost everyone else has their own smartphone, laptop or tablet. Communicating with the world has been made easier with those devices, and apparently, mobile solutions are one of the major catalysts of this great change in communication.


A recent study says that there are more searches now on mobile than on desktop, mainly because mobile solutions greatly benefit an individual or a business with its great accessibility. This also shows the massive importance of mobile solutions to the current generation.


It is no surprise that lots of organizations around the world, along with MWI Consultants, are creating mobile solutions these days to fulfill the needs of the society. The rise of media companies applying mobile strategies is like lightning during the past years and keeps on increasing at a scorching pace today.


Modern businesses and organizations already profit from mobile solutions, while other companies expect to generate revenue within two years from their apps. Social media also has an enormous presence worldwide with its users ranging from millions to billions, and a lot of companies are taking advantage of this by promoting their products and services through such sites.


MWI consultants views applying mobile solutions to your business as a smart choice. Consider putting your business online where your customers can purchase your products or services while they are using their mobile devices, then witness your business achieve an increase in sales after a certain period of time.


Mobile advertising sales can also multiply in the following years due to the trend in mobile solutions and because the mobile marketplace is progressively getting better over the years. Metropolitan Wireless International recommends creating social media accounts for your business since it is crucial these days to have a better communication with your customers. Looking at how things are going today, mobile solutions are indeed important to any individuals and businesses.



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TelematicsHUB at Metropolitan Wireless International


TelematicsRoad transportation is a vital network in the modern world as vehicles spend long hours on congested roads in ferrying passengers and goods across the country. While the drivers and passengers are getting connected and staying in touch with the world outside even while on the move, it is but natural that the same technology is being leveraged upon to keep the vehicles connected too. Connected vehicles can be tracked, their vital statistics analysed and important information communicated thus making road travel safer, secure and enjoyable.


MWI’s TelematicsHUB solution is an end-to-end solution for improving the efficiency of vehicle transportation on roads. It provides functions and features targeting not just the fleet management companies but individual vehicle owners who can use some of the features of this solution to improve efficiency of their vehicles and enhance driving experience.


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